I've had a lot of experience with basic front end web development over the years so I was really excited to dive into JavaScript since I've always been limited to very static sites.

Using vanilla JavaScript so far has been clunky to manipulate on-page elements, to put it mildly. I can see why other libraries and tools (never thought I'd wish for jQuery!). However, I think I've caught onto the basics pretty well and was able to complete all assignments.

My first real JavaScript website consuming a JSON file

My first real assignment (above) was to use a JSON file containing menu items. After some challenges, I was able to produce a functional and responsive app that included filters for dish categories. Click here for the live version and here for the repo.

Using an API to GET and POST coffee orders

A few projects later, I was using my first API! I'll admit, I still have to do a lot of googling but once I got the API actually sending data and accepting my changes this one as a breeze. I'm still working on getting the delete buttons to work (most suggestions involve jquery) but I know I am close. Live Version and GitHub repo.

We are coming up on our first project and I still haven't decided what I should/can do with these new JavaScript skills. I'd like to use GitHub's API to create a way for people recruiting for Software roles to be able to have a visual rundown of a candidate's GitHub stats including language use, a better chronological activity history, and whatever else I can pull. However, I need to learn API authentication a bit before I can dive too deep.